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Tired of dealing with excessive shedding and thinning hair? We can help!

✨NEW at Tryst✨
⏳ Hair growth and scalp health take time and consistency but your hair will thank you. Create a ritual around your scalp care noting that it’s an investment in your best accessory. Because ultimately, healthy hair is rooted in a healthy scalp.
📣Introducing Better Roots from Evolvh!
Better Roots = better hair. Introducing scalp + hair oil, Rootboost serum, and supplement that will transform your hair at the source: the root of it all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
🔎 Better Roots Guide:
〰️ Scalp + Hair Oil: Helps awaken dormant hair follicles and deeply nourish scalp skin while reducing excess shedding. 
〰️ RootBoost Serum: Helps maintain the scalp’s microbiome, reduces inflammation, and repairs cellular damage from UV exposure and other environmental factors. 
〰️ RootBoost Complex: Delivers key nutrients essential for healthy hair and to boost hair regrowth potential. 
⁉️Not sure which product is best for your needs? Here’s what we recommend:
✔️The Rootboost Serum is the daily go-to for every hair/scalp type and contains the most actives for stimulating regrowth. It’s oil-free so even those who are very oily will love it.
✔️The Scalp + Hair Oil is best for dry scalps and especially scalps with flaky skin. But you should still first use the Rootboost Serum and then follow with the Scalp + Hair Oil for best results if regrowth is the top concern. The oil is also an amazing hair oil, especially for dry hair and/or dry ends and is great for heat styling. 
✔️The Rootboost Complex is for everyone