Hair Products

More than great hair!

At Tryst in Midtown Tallahassee we offer more than great hair! Check out our array of fab products from Farmhouse Fresh for a Summer glow all year long!
❓Do you dislike the way spray tanners/self tanners smell? Bronze Fox Tanning Drops from Farmhouse Fresh give you all the tan without the stink! Look beach-kissed in hours with their lightweight tanning drops. A pump or two mixes right into your daily moisturizer. Then *insert magic wand sound* you look glowy good without a dash of makeup needed!
🌟Enhance or maintain your tan with Farmhouse Fresh Lustre Drench Instant Glow Dry Oil. This fast absorbing, feathery-light oil brings a warm golden hue to skin, and a seriously silky feel that’s dry to the touch. Skin is made to feel so magnificently soft, you can’t stop touching it!
🎁And dont forget about the luxurious options of face masks, body and hand creams, oils, and a variety candles that smell like heaven ✨