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Alice with Smart Curl

Smart Curl

I have always been resistant to providing chemical services like the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatments; or rather, I flat out won’t do them. I am so thrilled that Evolvh has created a 100% natural and non-toxic treatment called “SmartCurl”. This in-salon treatment permanently eliminates frizz without changing the structure of your hair. Lose the frizz, keep the curl! This treatment also works for straight and other various textures that are seeking to eliminate frizz. SmartCurl permanently eliminates frizz by addressing the condition at the very cortex of the hair and at a micro-molecular level, all while remaining 100% natural and non-toxic! The photo collage is of my client Alice. I have been doing Alice’s hair for the last 13 years! She has gorgeous natural curl, but has an on-going struggle with frizz. She volunteered to be my model for our very first SmartCurl application in the salon, and the results were phenomenal! The top two photos are before, and the bottom two are after……and not just after it dried. These after photos were taken at the end of the day, after she was outside working in the yard, sweating and inside cleaning. Here is what Alice had to say about SmartCurl and its affect on her hair:

“I am loving what it has done to my hair! It is softer and less puffy, as well as being less frizzy. Today, I put it through a lot. I did my usual wash and product and air dry. Then I was outside in the yard and inside cleaning, so I was sweating all day. Normally by now it would be really puffy and frizzy. But it looks great!  I have not taken any special care of it today, but it still looks great. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to “deflate” their summer curly hair.”

-Alice Vickers