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Dry Shampoo

Go ahead, cheat on your lover.

Do you love your current dry shampoo? If it’s not Living Proof’s dry shampoo, may I suggest you cheat on your lover. Living Proof’s dry shampoo is unlike all other dry shampoos on the market. Most other dry shampoos are actually texturizers to add body to try to hide the flat, dull nature of dirty hair. Living Proof’s dry shampoo actually CLEANS the hair with sweat absorbing powder, oil absorbing powder, odor neutralizers, powder removal technology (OFPMA), anti-static ingredients to control flyaways, and time-released fragrance without leaving any residue! Go ahead, you know you want to try it! Come in to Tryst and we will be happy to show you your next big love. Here is more information about this fantastic product!